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Rick Balis

While growing up on the south side of Chicago, Rick Balis’ number one goal in life was to play 3rd base for the Chicago White Sox.


It didn’t happen.


Rick traded in his Rocky Colavito 34 inch bat for a Shure microphone and Koss Pro 4AAA headphones.  His career started, while attending college at the University of Illinois, at “Progressive Rock” radio station WPGU.


Rick’s first voiceover job was something his sophomore year advertising professor arranged.  The client… Hardee’s, was looking for a “real” read with extra emphasis on “golden fries”.


Voiceover work continued, throughout the years. He was the PM drive host at “Real Rock Radio KSHE 95” in St. Louis. He then took on Program Director responsibilities at KSHE, while with Century Broadcasting.  From that point, Rick advanced with the next KSHE owner, Emmis Communications.  Roles with Emmis zigged and zagged and included... Emmis Vice President of Rock Programming, VP and Operations Director of Emmis St. Louis, Program Director at KSHE and WLUP Chicago.  A great highlight of the Emmis years was Rick’s heading up the launch of a first-of-its-kind, ten-station rock radio network in Bulgaria.  Bulgaria!  What the?  It was an amazing experience!


Rick’s most recent programming job was, again at KSHE, with Hubbard Radio.

Currently, Rick is entirely focused on RBVO… Rick Balis Voiceover.

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Christina Smith

Demo Production by CHRISTINA SMITH of That Girl Voice Productions and Clayton Studios.